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Mussels – Natural

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Scrumptious, Premium Whole Shell Mussels (Molluscs).

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Mussels – Natural

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Whole Shell Mussels (Molluscs)(100%).
*For allergens check ingredients in bold.


– Microwave: Cat E 800w Full Power. Remove from all packaging. Place into a microwaveable dish. Cover with film and pierce several times. Cook for 3 minutes.
Remove from microwave,stir, cook for a further 3 minutes. Stand for 1 minute. Ensure product is piping hot throughout before serving.
– Heat in bag: Cook from frozen. Place the bag into a pot of boiling water. Cook on full heat for 4-6 minutes.
Ensure product is piping hot throughout before serving.
Discard any mussels which do not open.


Keep frozen <-18°C until expiry date.
Do not refreeze after defrosting.
Note: All cooking appliances vary in performance; these cooking
instructions are guidelines only.

Nutritional Info

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