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Breaded Fish Burger

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Processed from premium Hake fish, coated with a crispy breading.

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Breaded Fish Burger

General Info


Shrimp, basa fish, surimi fish, wheat flour, corn flour, corn starch, modified tapioca starch, modified corn starch, onion, spring onion, carrot, white pepper powder, garlic powder, monosodium glutamate (E621
salt, sugar, sodium phosphate (E450, E451), calcium carbonate (El 70i), shortening (palm), bread improver (amylase), yeast (E491, E414), thickener (E41 2), flavor enhancer (E632, E627), palm oil,
annatto (El 60b), water.


1. Do not defrost
2. Preheat oil to 170-1 750C
3. Remove the frozen fish burgers from packaging
4. Deep fry for 7-7.5 minutes until crispy and golden


Keep at -18ºC until best before date.
Do not refreeze again after thawing.

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