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Calamari Rings – Caprices

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Premium Caprices Calamari Rings processed from Squid (Molluscs). Breaded and ready to cook. Coated with a unique light batter.

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Calamari Rings – Caprices

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Battered formed squid and fish rings, Rings 40% (Squid (MOLLUSC) and Fish protein, starch, salt, sugar and gelling agent (E 407)), WHEAT and maize flour, sunflower oil, water, WHEAT starch, salt, thickener (E 1442, E412), raising agents (E 450, E 500), dextrose, yeast and colouring (E 160b).
*May contain: CRUSTACEANS, EGG and MILK.


Fry without defrosting, in abundant and very hot oil (180-190 ⁰C.). In order to maintain the oil temperature, we recommend you fry few pieces at one time.
In order to obtain a crunchy and golden batter, turn them over immediately
and fry for further 2 minutes.


Keep at -18ºC until best before date.
Do not refreeze again after thawing.

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